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About Us

History About African Tranditional Medicine

Translife Health was started, training Hypnotherapy in 2002 and registered as a training institute with the IMDHA (International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association: USA) in 2003, but soon grew into a professional college specializing in training Ethnomedicine and Ethnopsychology. Dr Trudie qualified as a herbalist in 2001 and continued learning and writing training modules, resulting in a professional herbal training school, naturally leading to the development highly effective medicinal herbal products.

The training centre has gained international respect for the quality of training and professionalism, which led to the award of ‘Educator of the Year’ by the IMDHA in 2006. This award is a great honour, as the IMDHA had over 57 registered schools and 7000 members worldwide at the time. Mervyn was invited to train our Life Coaching module in Detroit, USA, during the 2006 IMDHA Conference. Unfortunately, Mervyn passed away in 2016, and the school will remain successful due to his positive and professional influence over the years.

Dr Marius van der Vyver joined Translife Herbs Pty Ltd in 2018, enhancing the training courses and herbal products to unknown heights of professionalism with his vast knowledge and experience in African Herbs & Ethnobotany as a specialized self-developed, success-proven Iridology Analysis Course. Marius has been treating patients with herbal medicines for the last twenty-five years, and we have the privilege to pass all this knowledge of the application of herbal medicine to our students.

With our extensive knowledge of herbal medicine and plants, we formulated a range of herbal products and started manufacturing in 2013, which has grown to a large business over the last ten years. We directly provide quality, effective herbal products to eighty practitioners and indirectly to many practitioners registered with our largest client.

We supply practitioners with capsules, tinctures, syrups and creams manufactured by Translife Herbs Pty Ltd and managed by both Drs. Marius and Trudie vd Vyver.

Most of the herbs we teach students in the Ethnobotany/Herbal courses grow in our herbal garden at the school, where we harvest some herbs to use in products and for students to learn to identify the plants. They harvest herbs during the herbal training practical, where they learn to make tinctures, capsules, syrups and creams.

We only use the best quality herbal plants in the products, which are professionally formulated and planned. The cream formulations are expensive to manufacture, but like all our medicines, we are proud to see the great healing properties and positive outcomes!

During practical field trips, students learn how to identify and harvest medicinal plants in the veld while other plants are harvested on our farm in KZN.

Translife Herbs Pty Ltd supplies herbal products to qualified practitioners who have completed their studies at our school, not only product knowledge but also how to use medicinal herbs to heal the body. All the herbal course modules include the formulation of herbal products; the students learn the theory but can also see the practical application at our herbal manufacturing factory.

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