Herbal Supplements For A Healthier Life

Fulvic Fusion 60’s

R200.00 Incl. VAT


Herbal supplement containing a synergistic blend of natural ingredients to promote overall well-being, enhance nutrient absorption, and support vitality. This comprehensive blend incorporates the power of fulvic acid, shilajit, adaptogenic herbs, essential amino acids, and key vitamins and minerals. Its purpose is to improve nutrient absorption, support general well-being, provide energy, and assist in stress management.


In this formulation, the ingredients unite to create a harmonious symphony of effects. Fulvic acid and shilajit lay the foundation, enhancing nutrient absorption, cellular energy, and resilience. The additional components enrich this blend with adaptogenic support, immune reinforcement, anti-inflammatory benefits, and holistic well-being, amplifying the overall impact on the body's vitality and health.



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